10 Ways to Protect Your Health and Your Environment

People interested in buying eco-friendly products and choosing to go green are increasing. This shows that many of us are understanding the importance of protecting the environment for a happier and healthier life. Health experts say that the quality of your life improves rapidly by going green, safeguarding the health of your family and the environment around you. Here are 10 simple ideas that will help you to protect both your health and your environment.

  • Stop relying on your car

Every time you choose to drive alone in your car, you add a lot of greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide to the environment. Walk the distance you can or take your bike. It will have a huge impact on your health and the environment.

  • Use reusable bottles

Many people use bottled water and drinks, even for infants. This plastic is a waste of money and harmful to the environment. Use a reusable stainless-steel bottle everywhere you go to carry your drinking water so that you can drink clean water free from contaminants.

  • Wear natural fabrics

Some clothes use harmful chemicals to make them wrinkle-free. However, these chemicals can be extremely toxic to the environment. Try to use eco-friendly natural fabrics in your clothes. There are special online stores that sell eco-friendly clothes.

  • Choose organic food

Many times, vegetables and fruits are grown in other places and shipped to your place. Therefore, they will be picked several days before you get them in your hand. If you buy locally grown fruits and vegetables, you can get them fresh.

  • Clean your environment and water

Reports say that water coming from the water systems contains contaminants. Keeping your environment clean will fetch your pure drinking water. If the water pollution around you decreases, your chances of getting 100% clean water increase.

  • Use organic products for cleaning

When you choose chemicals for cleaning, some of them escape the environment. They can cause several health problems like asthma and skin rashes. Natural products like white vinegar, baking soda, salt, etc, can help you remove stains and clean your floors without any harm.

  • Plant more trees

You can make planting trees in your backyard a family project. Having trees around you will reduce health problems and environmental problems. It will also reduce the costs of air-conditioning by providing shade.

  • Use less meat in your food

Meat production is found to harm the environment. A lot of greenhouse gases are emitted by the livestock industry. Choosing vegetarian food will save the environment and save you from several health problems like obesity, cholesterol, etc.

  • Choose natural products to clean your clothes

Dry cleaners use chemicals to clean your clothes. When your clothes dry, some amount of these chemicals stays in the fabric. When you wear it, it will spread to your skin and the environment around you, which is bad for your environment and your health.

  • Grow your food

Having an organic garden in your home will offer countless advantages. You can enjoy tastier and fresher vegetables and fruits without any chemicals.